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Common Mistakes Property Owners Make When Choosing Real Estate Agent

Every homeowner wants to sell their property to the highest bidder, that is why they get excited by a listing agent who gives them the highest quote of their property and requests a questionably small commission, while this is a good opportunity to make the best of your property it is always good to seek a second opinion before falling for such realtors. You should have in mind that a listing agent helps in estimating the right value of your property, a good and reputable real estate agent will give you a range of prices so that you can pick the one you feel closely represent the value of your property, in the end, it is you and interested buyer to agree on the final price of the property. There are several mistakes homeowners make which can impact discourage them and here we listed some of them, so continue reading this article.

Selecting a listing agent because he/she gives you the highest quote and ask for a small commission below common 6 percent is a big mistake, the lesser the profit real agents get from your property the more likely they will commit few resources in marketing your property, the high value is meant to entice you into maintaining them so that they can have a huge listing which unfortunately most people consider as a measure of listing agent competency and reliability, you will experience slow property sale which is frustrating and stressful.

Overlooking local real estate agent is another error most homeowners make when hiring real estate agent, people have this idea that foreign listing agents are reliable and competent compared to the locals, unfortunately, foreign listing agents are inept of local property markets and they can only rely on what they get online to estimate the value of your property this can affect to a large extent the value of your property, a local realtor knows all local regulations and requirements involved in property transactions which help in ensuring a smooth and faster property transaction process.

Several property owners hardly consider the customer service of the listing agent they are hiring, this has left many complaining of unavailable realtors when they need them, dishonest and untrustworthy, working with such real estate agents can be stressful and frustrating and can discourage you from hiring a real estate agent in future to sell your property. Those are some errors you need to avoid when picking a real estate agent.